Why Should Your Business Have a Cloud Contact Center?

Why Should Your Business Have a Cloud Contact Center?

Why Should Your Business Have a Cloud Contact Center?

Businesses are losing $62 billion per year through poor customer service. That’s up $20 billion since 2013. - Forbes

The data loudly speaks about the importance of customer service. Switching to the cloud is one of the best and most advanced ways to deliver excellent customer service. With the growth of cloud computing, it is clear that more companies are switching readily to cloud contact centers. If you are still considering the option, you should go through the compelling reasons to adopt cloud contact centers.

Speedy deployment

Deployment of technology in an on-site data center is challenging as it contains multiple roadblocks. For instance, your IT team should have bandwidth, storage resources, application required to install, necessary configuration and new technology testing. This process can take weeks or sometimes months to accomplish. However, cloud contact center solutions can be deployed easily, conveniently in much lesser time. In most of the cases, applications are ready to go. Your contact center just needs to access it. You don’t need hardware to purchase and install, resources can be supplied in just a few clicks. Thus, a cloud contact center cuts the deployment time to just a few hours. Easy-peasy!

Handle customer needs in a lesser time

No matter whoever takes your customers’ call, s/he is the voice of your company. If your customers’ needs are not addressed timely, it may lead to frustration. A cloud-based platform paired with an IVR system enable you to route customers’ call more efficiently. IVR can route customers’ calls to suitable agents or managers who can support them with technical issues, make a payment, etc. An IVR also guides customers to an agent ready to handle the request. Thus, a cloud-based contact center ensures that your agents handle customers’ issues and queries more efficiently.

Scaling up and down is easier

With a cloud contact center solutions, resources and applications can be scaled up and down. The cloud contact center stays ready with a massive data center or network of data centers. It means your IT needs can be instantly scaled up and down with a contact center. For example, a cloud center can help you with the precise size with purchasing a new license online.

24/7 service

Consumer queries and concerns can come anytime round the clock. It means you have to be accessible to address the queries and concerns. You can face many technical and non-technical glitches in this process, for example, limited resources; especially if you are a startup, inadequate pool of personnel to address the need of the callers, power interruption, etc. A cloud contact center saves you from all these problems as they take care of you and your customers on your behalf. It provides you with technological solutions as well as services and assistance to provide your services to take care of your customers, no matter what time is it.

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