What are the benefits of Conversational Artificial Intelligence for the Contact Center?

What are the benefits of Conversational Artificial Intelligence for the Contact Center?

What are the benefits of Conversational Artificial Intelligence for the Contact Center?

According to Gartner, by 2021, 15% of all customer service interactions will be completely handled by AI, an increase of 400% from 2017.

The utility of robots for answering customer inquiries and routing callers to the right agent has been prevalent for quite some time. The latest push to get AI to become more acceptable is “Conversational AI.” It is a set of technologies that enable computers to simulate conversations.

This technology has transformed the way companies communicate with customers. Now, more and more users expect and prefer chat as the primary mode of communication. Thus, it makes sense to leverage the many benefits Conversational AI offers. The result-oriented and efficiency-driven Contact Centers have also started using this technology in their area of work.

Here mentioned are a few benefits of Conversational AI for the Cloud Contact Center Solution:-

Increases Customer Satisfaction

Conversational AI has the ability to increase customer satisfaction if managed well. Chatbots, the superstars of AI for customer service, assist customers with all kinds of requests, right from researching products to completing purchases.

In a survey, when consumers were enquired about how interacting with an AI solution that is consistently effective and quick in answering their questions would impact their experience, about 63% of consumers stated that they would be more satisfied as a consumer.

(According to a study by LetsLinc, 87% of retail brands believe that adding AI to their customer service strategy will lead to higher satisfaction levels.)

Enhances Agents' Efficiency

Conversational AI can take over customer services completely. Thus, eliminate the need for required human intervention. At the same time, since most of the basic tasks can be effectively performed using this technological tool; naturally, agents would have more time to spend on complex cases that genuinely need their attention.

Enables Optimal Data Collection

AI is an excellent tool for collecting all the essential data. This data may then be used to improve sales and marketing practices. For instance, Sales Agents follow up with the customers using this data. Thereby, provide more information about products of interest to the consumers. Additionally, AI may monitor communication styles and help your service agents determine the best ways to engage your customers.

Provides 24/7 Customer Support

It can often be challenging to deliver 24/7 customer support; however, Conversational AI makes it possible to cater to such demands. This helps to save time and effort even when your Customer Support Agents are unavailable. Replying to queries within an hour translates to 7X more likelihood of lead conversion.


Chatbots are gradually becoming a familiar fixture in the Cloud Contact Centers. And, it’s adoption by the organizations will only increase since they are capable of resolving 10-35% of customer inquiries. Several brands are employing virtual customer assistants (VCA) with a human-like face and personality. These may answer basic questions, assist with checkout, and also, perform follow up after the sale.

Thus, there is no doubt that artificial intelligence, robotics and automation offers a potential to grow faster, by providing consistent service and delivering higher customer satisfaction. However, no matter how much machine learning is pumped into a VCA, it still can’t impersonate the emotion and empathy of a live agent. On the other hand, it is practically impossible for humans to put 24 hours a day, the way a Chatbot can. Therefore, to deliver the best customer service, a symbiotic relationship between AI and employees at a workplace needs to be encouraged.