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Virtual Receptionist-Your Cloud Based Office Assistant

Customer Relationship Management defines brand image and business growth. And, with scaling businesses comes the need to handle bulk volume of customer calls. Call Center infrastructure, agent training, and individual call monitoring not only increases your overhead costs, but is also tedious to manage. Answering each customer/client query in real-time, thus, becomes crucial. And so, Spark TG’s Virtual Receptionist comes as an optimum telephony Solution for your business. Servicing your customers and resolving their queries professionally, flawlessly & virtually begins with us!

Why Do You Need a Virtual Receptionist?


Significant Cost & Overhead Reduction

With a Virtual Receptionist or live phone answering services at place, you do not need any Call-center infrastructure, hardware, manpower and other resources. Our Virtual Receptionist services will precisely receive the customer’s queries, route the call to the right department while thoroughly saving the call logs, reports, complete call recordings and remain available 24x7. Your business becomes equipped to handle calls at any time of the day for the fraction of a cost.


Boosted Customer Experience with Virtual Number Service

Don’t let missed calls to become ‘missed opportunities.’ Customers and Clients are always hoping for an answer when they call your company. With our Virtual Receptionist Solution, your organization becomes capable of answering their calls in real-time. If the team is busy answering other queries over call, Spark TG’s Virtual Receptionist Service will keep them engaged or save their voice message until the call can be transferred to the right person.


Enhanced Business Focus with Virtual Receptionist

When you do not have a large team and telephonic infrastructure to manage, focusing on the key-deliverables of your service or product becomes a lot easier. Our Virtual Assistant/Virtual Receptionist Service addresses a paramount factor for your business, the customer relationship. Spark TG’s IVR powered Virtual Assistant/Virtual Receptionist takes care of the inbound calls where the customer can interact via DTMF tone inputs through keypad or powerful voice recognition.


Improved CRM Reliability

Customer service can make a huge difference for your brand reputation. Improving it, thus, is not a luxury but a necessity. Our Cloud-based Virtual Receptionist will make no mistake in handling the customer calls. While it will save you repetitive human errors in communication that are resolved only through training, Virtual Assistant/Virtual Receptionist will also guarantee you highest uptime.

Why Cloud-Based Office Assistant?

A Cloud-based /Virtual Receptionist gives your business an edge like none other. Cloud technology allows us to deliver maximum uptime for your Customer Service department with unmatched customer support. You don’t require expensive data-storage hardware that is costly to maintain too. Apart from these, you will never have to worry about Scalability. As your call volume expands, so will our resources.

With Spark TG Virtual Receptionist/Virtual Assistant you get…

Blended Calling
The Blended Calling feature, apart from answering the inbound calls, allows your team to give a service call back to the customer, manage sales calls, and even take follow-up with them. You won’t need separate levels of IVR to manage different call functions. Virtual Receptionist is a one-stop Cloud telephony with inbuilt CRM solution for you!

Real-Time Call Stats
Manage agent queues availability and training needs via comprehensive call-record insights with our Virtual Receptionist/Virtual Assistant service. Real-time call stats will enable you to take managerial decisions regarding call quality, communication flow, and overall customer experience enhancement.

Single-Level IVR
A single-level IVR will help your customers reach the right department within the right time frame. Spark TG Virtual Receptionist will give your customers option to input the preferences via keypad or voice recognition, and be directed to the right person in the company.

Real-time Call Monitoring
Monitor agent-customer calls via two modes, Spy and Whisper. The ‘Spy’ mode allows you to hear the conversation in stealth mode (Hidden mode) for quality analysis, while the ‘Whisper’ mode will enable you to mentor the agents on call without the customer hearing you.

Call Reports & Recordings
Spark TG Virtual Assistant Service gives you the power to analyze calls & agent reports with complete call recording data. Enhance your customer service with our thorough agent monitoring and call log reports.

Unparalleled Email Support
We’ve got your bases covered in times of doubt, issue or any query. Spark TG Virtual Receptionist/Virtual Number Service comes with full service round the clock customer support via email.

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