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How does Click to Call impact Customer Service?

Feature rich Contact Center Solution for Enterprises

Customer experience helps build customer loyalty and for an established and growing brand, more than customer acquisition it is customer loyalty that plays an important role to withstand against the competition. With SparkTG Virtual Contact Center Enterprise the organisation can be on top of the customer interactions. Also, the multiple features that come with the solution like; blended calling, multiple call routing, outbound dialers, call notes and more, helps to take the experience to the next level. The solution is robust, scalable and secure and also gives the flexibility of having agents anywhere. Besides completely managing their calls along with offering an elegant experience to callers, the solution provides an agent dashboard with live caller info to personalise each and every call, thorough call reports, agent reports and call recordings. In case you are using any CRM, the telephony API’s and webhooks make it easier for the agent to use a single screen to manage all operations. Real-time call statistics on Supervisor dashboard and live agent status helps supervisor manage the queues and have a control on agent activities.

Blended Calling

  • Allows agent's to not only answer customer calls but also call back for service, sales, follow-ups etc.

Real-Time Call Statistics

  • Manage your agent's queues in real-time knowing the call flow and agent availabilty.

Call Reports & Recordings

  • Analyse Calls & Agent Reports along with complete recordings of all the calls in order to improve your customer service.

Real-Time Call Monitoring

  • Monitor and mentor your agent's in real-time using spy & whisper mode.

Multi-Level IVR

  • Handle your customer calls smartly by giving them an option to reach right department/agent.

Call Support

  • We provide full customer support round the clock.

Agent Login With Basic CRM

  • Provide the fastest, personalised and most efficient service.

Call Add & Transfer

  • Transfer calls from one agent to another in real-time.

API & Webhook

  • Increase your agents efficiency by avoiding them to shuffle between CRM and telephony.

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