Travel Triangle

What TravelTriangle Expected

TravelTriangle wanted a solution mostly to track all the calls along with the performance analytics of every agent. Also, they did not want any new hardware installations in their office, so everything was expected to be 100% cloud-based. Further, we were supposed to offer almost 100% uptime, instant support, and a scalable solution.

Our Assessment

Initially, they were facing problems with lack of transparency in the calls between agents and clients, which is why they looked into the solution.

Our Onboarding

At the beginning, we started with just 16 agents and in a span of two years the solution helped the client to scale up to a 600 seater contact centre. They have a setup of 600+ agents. The entire team was on the SparkTG Contact Center Solution which was extensively used for their outbound calling. As our solutions are flexible, we found no difficulty adjusting to the requirements of TravelTriangle.

SparkTG telephony APIs were used by them to integrate their system with telephony to make sure agents don't waste time shuffling between the screens. Additionally, these APIs were used to make multiple automated and rule defined calls distributed to agents on certain logic.

Present Scenario

Absolute transparency has been established between the calls along with real-time call reports as well as recordings. During the pandemic, no change occurred in the performance of the agents during work from home. Also, TravelTriangle used our platform extensively for reaching out the leads that have been generated on their website as well as other platforms because of their marketing initiative. They have always rated our support as very efficient and responsive.

Additional Support

In the last 2 years, office locations have been shifted from Noida to Gurgaon and twice in Gurgaon itself. But, this didn’t hamper their calls for even a second. Additionally, our solution offered more privacy to both agents as well as customers, by not sharing any personal/individually targeted contact information. Further, our analytics also help in calculating the ROI.


As it is purely a cloud-based solution, there is very little maintenance. The payments are subscription based with zero CapEx.

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