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How does Click to Call impact Customer Service?

Telephony Solution for Travel & Hospitality Companies

Any travel & hospitality organisation not only needs to handle reservations, perform booking and respond to customer inquiries but also has to provide a seamless personalised experience to callers in order to get their brand acknowledged and also to get the customer loyal for their future travel plans.

The travel and hospitality industry has seasonal fluctuations and it requires a solution that can be scaled at the time of high demand. SparkTG’s Contact Center Solution is a completely scalable, blended calling solution that gives live caller info for any travel & hospitality industry to offer a personalised experience to their customers during their complete travel plan.

With this solution you can provide your callers a number to call on and also to route the right department or team to handle their specific queries. The flexibility of having agents anywhere gives the organisation to connect its travel agents who are either on travel or are located at multiple locations. Any expert queries can be handled by transferring the call to experts using real-time call transfer feature.

  • Single number for almost all communication purposes.

  • Connects organisation, staff, agents from anywhere at anytime.

  • Empowers travel agents with existing number.

  • Completely scalable to handle calls during high demand.

  • Blended calling to stay connected with customer during their complete plan.

  • Excellent tool to help in increase bookings & handling customer inquiries.

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