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Your business is all about the ease with which your customers and clients can connect with you. Connecting over a call does not have to be a burden on their pocket; neither should it be a tedious task for your communications and support team. Toll Free numbers prove to be an excellent solution. Not only they provide a distinct image to your business, they are quickly recognized and easily memorized by people. Spark TG is toll free service provider that has reserved a plenty of Toll-free numbers with ‘1800’ prefix in its inventory. We even have a range of mobile numbers reserved for your organization. Simply book the number that resonates with your brand and start delivering an exceptional communication experience to your customers.

Benefits of Toll Free Number

Integral Part of Marketing Strategy

Toll Free number services are still popular, even amidst a plethora of free calling apps and network service providers. The reason is ‘trust.’ A company with a dedicated toll-free number is perceived as professional, capable and serious in valuing their customers. Apart from that, the customer bears absolutely no cost of calling which is considered as a great gesture. Moreover, owning a memorable and easily recognizable Toll-Free number is like possessing a piece of great marketing channel which will register a high ‘footfall’ or the number of inbound enquiries.

Seamless Customer Service

Surely Chat & Email is not obsolete. However, human assistance and query resolution via real- time voice communication will always be as popular as it is not. The reason is simple. It is easier for the customers to quickly call and talk to an agent in real-time than engaging in a lengthy process over the chat or an email that often ends-up in confusion. If you are looking to deliver an unparalleled customer support to your customers, Spark TG Toll Free numbers are meant for you!

Brand Image

Brand is the thin line between your organization and your customer’s trust. A toll-free number serves two crucial purposes that aid your brand image. Firstly, a Toll Free number shows that your organization is ‘Nationally Present.’ Secondly, it separates your business from the small businesses in terms of customer’s positive perception.

Flexible Call Routing

Worry not for the increased volume of inbound calls on your Toll Free number. The inbound calls can be easily transferred to any of your team via IVR routing. They can even be transferred to remote assistance teams as per the demand.

Toll Free Numbers are Portable

Once you buy a Toll Free number, it is yours forever. They act like web domains and the ownership rules are the same. If you wish to port your Toll Free number, you can do so easily. Unless you cancel the service, Toll Free numbers keeps working for your organization like an asset.

Understanding Toll Free Numbers

In India, Toll Free numbers are the distinct numbers with 4-digit prefix code (Usually 1800) that can be dialed by the users from the cellphones or landlines. Toll Free number calls do not levy any charge on the part of the users. Toll-free numbers are particularly popular with customer support teams and have gained a ‘Go-to’ status for connecting with the customers to resolve any queries.

Toll Free numbers come with numerous benefits which we will discuss below. They are location independent communication lines. That means, your Toll Free number in India will treat the entire country as a ‘Local’ geography making it super easy for people to connect with your business.

How are Toll Free Number Services assigned?

Toll Free numbers are strictly allotted on the ‘first-come, first-serve’ basis. These numbers are distributed by responsible authorized organizations that have access to the Pan-Country database of all the Toll Free IVR. For example, Spark TG is one such Toll Free Service Provider in India that has the authority to distribute Toll free numbers and provide services related to this domain.

When you can boost your customer satisfaction, streamline your communications, enhance your brand image, and contribute to your marketing strategy with just a single Toll Free Number from Spark TG, there is no real reason to wait. Go ahead and get your Toll Free number with ‘1800’ or a suitable mobile number from Spark TG’s Toll free number service in India.

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