The Advantages of Gamification for Call Center Managers

The Advantages of Gamification for Call Center Managers

The Advantages of Gamification for Call Center Managers

A major objective of Call Center Managers is to provide an excellent customer experience by answering customers’ questions and resolving their issues. However, if the call center agents have inefficient communication skills and fail to meet the expectations of customers, they might lose customers to the competitors. Now, the question arises, how to provide the right kind of motivation to the employees and increase their efficiency. Well, one effective solution is through Gamification.

What is Gamification?

It involves the introduction of interactive, game-like principles and elements into work and the working environment. Adding playful elements such as competition, rewards, and recognition into your call center, can help facilitate creativity, social and personal growth.

Gamification makes it easier to turn the dull work procedures into competitive events, convert goals into rewards and promote camaraderie among all the co-workers. All of these would inspire agents to put in more efforts and increase their efficiency at work.

Gamification may also extend into the company’s online Q&A by providing visitors with badges that mark how much content has been consumed. The matching up of content with the customer’s needs is an excellent way through which companies can improve customer satisfaction, reduce churn, and improve the overall brand reputation.

Advanced gamification platforms even include analytics about staff actions and interactions, thereby allowing managers to modify the gamification as needed.

There are call management software systems in call centers which make it easier for managers and agents to adopt gamification.

Significance of Gamification

As mentioned above, Gamification can potentially:

  • Lower call center employee attrition and boost agent’s productivity;
  • Improve upon a flawed or outdated training model and encourage more well-trained, educated agents
  • Create better customer experience via interactions with well-trained agents
  • Motivate your team to set high goals via healthy competitions
  • Provide a way of evaluating your call center agents’ performance; and
  • Improve the call center culture and overall perception of your business

When should you opt for Gamification?

You should consider going for gamification if:-

  • Your agents are having difficulties adapting to a new technological solution in your call center
  • Your agents are burning out, and employee turnover is quite high
  • Your agents are lazy, disengaged, and are calling in for health issues more than usual
  • Customer complaints about ill-trained or unresponsive agents are significantly higher
  • If you would require a clear understanding of how engaged your call agents actually are
  • If new employees have joined who needs to meet the team and train upon your company and their roles.


Not necessarily all the employees are satisfied with their jobs. According to research, only 19% of employees in the US are happy with their jobs. In such a scenario, Gamification is the only thing that can help employees feel engaged in their work, especially in the contact centers. It can, in fact, provide a win-win situation for both the agents and call center managers.

Businesses which adopt contact center technology should understand that Gamification is a revolutionary way to make their employees happy and reduce their disengagement from work. Happy agents will undoubtedly enhance customer experience, thus contribute to increased profits of the call centers.