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Significant Contact Center Technology Trends in 2020

Significant Contact Center Technology Trends in 2020

Significant Contact Center Technology Trends in 2020

Currently, customers are the focal point of customer service since; customers might walk away from a particular brand if they don’t get a consistent experience across all touchpoints. But to meet this, you need to rethink the overall customer service, starting with your contact center. And, consider the contact center service technology trends in 2020.

Here mentioned are some of the crucial trends you need to watch out for:-

Use of Artificial Intelligence

The disruptive power of technology has undoubtedly had a hand in almost every change in the contact center space. One of the most recent technologies to enter this field is artificial intelligence (AI). It has brought multiple, behind-the-scene benefits to call centers.

With AI-based applications, businesses can route conversations to the “most qualified” agent without keeping the caller in wait. Moreover, the introduction of AI into conversations has sparked a revolution in terms of enhancing agents’ efficiency. The utility of AI application assimilates information over time and creates patterns that can be addressed effortlessly. Thus, AI brings the consistency that customers crave. This way, contact center agents can handle the customer’s issues faster, accurately, and more efficiently. So, it can be anticipated that AI contact center trends will continue to make significant contributions in terms of digitizing call centers.

Analytics-driven Business to improve services

Important metrics like first call resolution, average handling time and agent idle time are pivotal for call center leaders. They are using robust data analytics tools for small businesses to turn these metrics into meaningful feedback that abridge decision making. Further, the use of quality assurance contact center software to measure call center performance is now more widespread.

In general, the use of analytics is gradually becoming the driving force. Consequently, omnichannel call centers are on the front using analytics solutions to add dashboards which summarize statistics affecting their businesses.

Call Recall to improve annual savings

Due to the advances made in technology, for example, recall technology, it is possible to prevent communication errors from tainting your brand image. Recall technology helps contact center maintain accuracy in each and every conversation. Also, when a mistake slips through the conversation, it gets instantly noticed and resolved promptly. Therefore, the arrival of such technology represents a major milestone in the contact center trends.

Cloud communication

The steady evolution of remote call agents and the propagation of several project management platforms have created the way for cloud communication in contact centers. The cloud-based platforms enable businesses to cut the number of in-house agents and overheads, makes it easy to hire the best talent, irrespective of their location in the world. Most importantly, cloud- based call centers offer brands the flexibility and agility to serve more customers. In the wake of these benefits, we can expect this trend to continue shaping up the way the call center functions in 2020 and beyond.

Digital Transformation

To deliver consistent and comprehensive experience, contact center needs the combined efforts of other departments. This is the reason why a far-sighted digital transformation strategy is necessary. Organizations have integrated these innovations across the board to get better customer connections with each interaction.

Digital transformation is a great revolutionary idea and going by its stimulus; it’s going to persist for years to come.


All the trends mentioned above, when implemented strategically, will reduce costs and streamline the internal process of contact centers, unburden your agents to focus on other challenges and realign your business to become more productive.

Thus, the adoption of contact center technology trends 2020 will offer an excellent way to turn your clients into your brand advocates in no time.