Reasons for using a click to call solution

Reasons for using a click to call solution

Reasons for using a click to call solution

“88% of visitors are more likely to contact a company which offers a “click to call” button on their website.” - The FlightMedia portal

In the current times, there exists a fast-paced lifestyle along with convenience. So, businesses keep trying to look for innovative methods to attract customers. Click to Call solution is one such technique which helps the customers reach a particular company, merely by a click. Thus, it is revolutionizing the forms of communication between companies and customers, playing an integral role in reinforcing the connection between the two.

What is Click to Call?

It refers to a type of digital communication in which a person clicks a button or text in order to get connected with another individual in real-time. These connections can be managed via phone call, SMS or Voice-over-Internet-Protocol (VoIP).

Generally, the click-to-call links are found as buttons on websites. It can also be initiated by hyperlinks over emails and videos.

This technology does not require customers to download software other than standard plugins (such as Flash). So, it has relieved customer concerns about downloading malware or spyware.

It is a form of direct response marketing which enables customers to get in touch with a company after viewing websites, paid search ads etc.

How Click-to-Call Typically Works?

It aids agents in reaching the customer instantly without the need to dial a number manually every single time. As the end-user enters her phone number and requests a call, an intermediary service dials the end-user and other third party and thus, initiates a conversation amongst the parties.

Why should it be used?

Increase sales and conversion rates -
As per a study by BVA Group in 2015, high price and poor quality are the main reasons for customers choosing another vendor, but the customer relationship is seen as vital by 90% of buyers.

The click to call service can be integrated into the online purchasing path, thus allowing the visitors an opportunity to obtain the information they need to complete their purchase. At the same time, it eliminates holding time, evades zapping other websites etc. Hence, it is one of the best solutions for re-engaging visitors in real-time.

Using click to call can reduce the abandonment rate by 40% vs visitors who were unassisted - Forrester Research.

Improves customer experience and satisfaction
Companies using click 2 call can optimize lead generation and enhance the customer experience, visitor satisfaction rate significantly. Also, it increases customer retention, encouraging them to recommend the brand/website to others. This is supported by the BVA Group study which reveals that click to call is the second most preferred contact channel after face to face.

The customers can reach out to your business during any time of the day and drop in a callback in case of non-working hours. Thereby ensuring that no leads are missed and every customer concern is addressed thoroughly.

It works across different channels
Mostly the consumers want a personalised and identical experience across all contact channels. This solution can be adapted to meet your specific requirements as per your marketing strategy. The click button can be placed within a merchant site or storefront, mobile, e-mail, or banner to help your company acquire and convert leads.

Integrating click 2 call into your marketing strategy can enhance customer loyalty. Also, help your business become more competitive and profitable.

Impactful data analysis
In today’s day and age, information is power. Click to call enables the businesses to track and analyze the data extracted from the calls, thereby providing them with more profound insights about their customers.