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The Pain Points

Huge bill on Toll-free & Intermittent service issues. Being a medical service provider it was extremely important to have the maximum uptime and extremely efficient services rendered to callers who were already in pain.

What They Decided To Do

Go ahead with contact center solution to track each and every call and agent performance. Since their business model has e-commerce for medicines, they had to do a majority of outbounds and for that, they needed a robust solution that provides real-time outbound calls. Also, they decided to go with cloud-based providers to avoid any hardware installation at their premise as well as hiring an expert to take care of telephony. Their evaluation criteria included excellent services with maximum uptime, strong support, scalable solution and all at the least cost.

How We Helped

With SparkTG Virtual Contact Center Solution their business saw an increase in calls as service offered a seamless connectivity yet within a single month they saw a huge drop in their Toll-free as well as telephony bills. Reason: (1) Call hang-ups the moment caller/agent disconnected, whereas previously call continued (2) Effective use of Non-Business hour message and (3) timely assigning of the caller's call to the agent (4) intelligently trying only the free agents and saving callers time and telephony expense and lastly (5) if all agents are busy then asking customer to leave voice message based on which outbound is arranged.

The Way It Is Now

Service Optimisations: reduction in the count of their agent by 30% as call flow was getting easily answered by less manpower.

The Problem We Solved

Commercial saving and maximum uptime, QoS delivered to callers. Ability to launch more services using Contact Center Solution

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