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Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is an automated telephony system that handles any call volume of your customers. At Spark TG, the best IVR service provider, we offer smart IVR service configured with a virtual IVR number. Our modern IVR service improves productivity and experience as it enables you to map departments and agents using the extension and so allow you interact with your customers and routes calls to the appropriate agent or department.
Let our IVR system do more - gather information, get detailed reports of your business calls, speak to your customers, offer self-service or connect them to the right agent, both inbound and outbound campaigns.
Cloud IVR solutions laced with powerful features.

The Basics


Call Tracking with IVR Number

Get a single business number and track, record, and maintain all calls. With voicemail, abandoned call reports and call back alerts, you never either miss a call or keep your customers waiting for too long.


Connect to the right agent faster

Manage wait times efficiently by giving caller’s a choice from multi-tiered menus to connect to the appropriate agent or queues.


Toll-free IVR number

Our Toll-Free IVR creates an easy and free of cost channel for customers to access you. Track and record your incoming and outgoing calls with our cloud based telephony system without making the customer shell-out any money while trying to reach you. Avail our Virtual Number Service today!


Easy CRM integration

Using our APIs you can integrate CRM easily to save customer data with complete recording details, including caller specifications, call duration, time, and caller location at one place. Pull in customer data from any popular CRMs or a custom-built solution and access it in a few clicks. Save agents time by not making them toggle between multiple screens.


Uninterrupted support

Available 24/7, IVR system offers quick and seamless support to your customers. Record all messages of customers on voicemail during non-working hours and never slip a potential business lead.

Handling calls

Call Recording

Record all customer calls on your virtual number and use these call recordings for internal training or get an insight into your customer preferences.

Call Routing Anywhere

With our Cloud IVR service, route your customer calls to multiple agents at a single point of time. It efficiently handles a large traffic of calls, not missing any potential business opportunity.

Customized Greetings

Offer localized experiences with customized greetings for different departments, and brands. Record new messages or upload existing voicemail greetings.

What Is IVR?

IVR or Integrated voice response is an automated telephony software technology that enables the interaction of human callers with computerised features using DTMF tones input or voice. The technology is mainly used in call centres.

‘Having a rich customer-base’ is every business’s wish and that definitely leads to high call volume. Traditionally, the handling of large call volumes was a little cumbersome, but with IVR the whole process becomes easy. An IVR system is an effective way to route calls by settling down the basic interaction and forwarding it to the right agent, if required. It helps to save both the agent’s as well as the customer’s time.

How Does An IVR Work

When a caller initiates a call, the IVR system interacts by providing them choices using a prerecorded voice menu. The caller needs to respond according to their requirement, via voice response or phone keypad. According to the caller’s response, the IVR decides its actions. Either the system will provide further information or transfer the call to a suitable human agent. The IVR system helps to find the right department or agent for the caller.

SparkTG’s IVR Facility for Contact Centers

At Spark TG, the best IVR service provider, we offer smart IVR service configured with a virtual IVR number. Our modern IVR system helps contact centres to improve their productivity, KPIs as well as increase customer satisfaction. It helps brands to provide 24*7 uninterrupted support to their client.

Frequently Asked Questions

1What is an IVR solution?

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) solution gives the caller an option to choose among the list of options on call so that he/she can connect to the right department and resolve his/her queries. SparkTG’s IVR solution is a cloud-based IVR solution and therefore, without installing any software on your systems or augmenting any additional system at your premises, you can handle a large volume of calls without any hassle in the most professional way

2What are the different types of IVR?

IVR solutions can be of multiple types - Single level, Multi-level, Integrated IVR, Self-serviceable IVR, agent-assisted IVR, and so on. In a single-level IVR solution, you just need a single input to connect to the right department whereas, in a multi-level IVR solution, you have to input multiple inputs before you can reach the desired department. An Integrated IVR has API integrations inbuilt to get the callers' data and the next set of actions from a third-party system like CRM. Self-serviceable IVR, unlike an agent-assisted IVR where the call routes to an agent who resolves the customers' query with the help of FAQs built over the IVR. An IVR can be a combination of these or either of these.

3How can I use IVR services on my existing number?

You can forward the calls that come on your existing number to a number that SparkTG will provide that would ensure all your calls reach the IVR. You can also port your existing number to SparkTG so that your complete telephony can be handled best by SparkTG. This will also save you from any issues that might occur while forwarding the call in the first method.

4What is IVR call flow?

IVR call flow is the hierarchy of the IVR call menu your company wants to follow as per your requirements. Once any caller dials your number, he/she will choose from this hierarchy to get to the desired department within your organization.

5How can I avail IVR services in India?

SparkTG is the best IVR service provider in India. To know more about our IVR solution, call us at 1800-313-141414 or write to us at

6Why should businesses switch to IVR solutions?

By using the IVR solution, you can enjoy several benefits such as automated customer support, handling a large volume of calls, call routing, call tracking with IVR numbers, easy CRM integration, analytics and dashboard, and more.

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