Internet Moguls

The Pain Points

Internet Moguls deals in digital marketing agency with a presence in over three countries. Specialized in creating successful online experiences, it was a bad experience with the multiple service providers. Internet Moguls was not able to build trust on solution and support.

What They Decided To Do

Go ahead with SparkTG VCC Lite with the best pricing, strong support, scalable solution.

How We Helped

With real-time Super Admin Dashboard which Internet moguls can check all the services in one dashboard and also provide good services and best support, many of clients are now migrated to SparkTG VCC Lite in the hospitality sector.

The Way It Is Now

Trust is built on SparkTG services and support. No call drops and real-time monitoring. Almost every week Internet Moguls provides a new account in the hospitality sector.

The Problem We Solved

Because of using SparkTG's reliable, scalable and quick to configure VCC service, Internet Moguls now has happy clients and is able to analyse the business and services rendered by each of its client who is using SparkTG's service.

Our Address

Advant Business Park B-906, Sector 142, Noida, India

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