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Telephony Solution for Healthcare Organisations

Telephony Solution for Healthcare Organisations

Any medical service provider should have at least one contact point for emergencies, consultations, scheduling appointments, and other information. For the Healthcare industry, SparkTG's Contact Center Solution is the best and most ideal communication solution.

Apart from providing an incoming solution for numerous requirements, SparkTG's Contact Center Solution also provides for outbound requirements such as appointment confirmation calls to be made utilising an automated audio broadcast to the patient whose appointment has been confirmed.

Not only that, but in the event where a doctor is needed to join a conversation in an emergency, the service includes a function called doctor transfer, which allows doctors to respond to patient enquiries in real time. The service also enables people in an emergency to communicate directly with the appropriate person, such as an ambulance doctor, consultant, or other professional whose location may change, as the programme is capable of delivering calls to mobile phones

  • Everything from real-time dashboards to automated alerts, help your company become more productive and save money and time on multiple processes.

  • One phone number for all communication needs. SparkTG's inbound function automatically answers all of your incoming calls, freeing up your staff from a mundane task.

  • It aids in the confirmation of appointment details. Integrates with CRM to keep track of your clients' appointments, medications, follow-up visits, and call logs.

  • Allows hospital professionals, physicians, and technicians to interact using their present phone network with the help of teleconference service. Staff can connect from anywhere, at any time.

  • Connects patients to the right user in real time with the help of variety of call routing mechanisms such as IVR, sticky agent, live call transfer, live call conference, and more. Allows people to use their existing phone number.

  • Enables physicians to communicate with patients remotely and counsel them on their concerns while saving a recording and recording of the conversation. A fantastic tool for boosting telemedicine.

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