4 Ways to Offer Super-Fast Customer Service.

4 Ways to Offer Super-Fast Customer Service.

4 Ways to Offer Super-Fast Customer Service.

As a group, Millennials are willing to spend the most (21% additional!) for great customer care. Three-quarters of online customers expect help within five minutes.– Help Scout

When it comes to customer service, merely offering the right solution is not sufficient. Customers want quick service and expect companies to respond promptly. According to the customers themselves, the most important attribute of good customer service is a faster response time. Though businesses strive hard to offer quick customer support, the problem of delayed responses may aggravate if you experience a sudden surge in customer queries or your customer support team is small.

How can you address this gap? Read on to know more!

Offer Self-service options

Self-service customer support is the new dimension in customer support. It makes customers value products and services and let them help themselves. You can do it by launching DIY support features. It would save you from a series of time-critical requests. Also, it would free up your customer support team’s time which they can use to teeth into handle complex queries. In addition, don’t forget to keep your FAQ page regularly updated. Another saviuor way to help a customer is to offer them a solid educational knowledge base where they can find answers and solutions of their problems instantly, without sending an email or conversing with a live chat agent. Find ways to make your customers solve their problems, quickly and conveniently.

Hire an efficient customer contact center

As volumes of customer conversations balloon across an increasing number of channels, companies are increasing staff sizes: 46% of global contact center decision makers project 5%-10% growth in the next year, and 14% project growth of more than 10%. – Forrester

The advancements in technology offer you a complete bouquet of solutions required to address your customer queries. You can avail it by hiring a competent cloud-based contact center solution provider. Whether you are a startup or an MNC, you need to create trust among your customers to generate more sales, generate bigger profits and provide better service. A contact center offers a range of features to enable you to attain your business goals. Some of the must-needed features are:

  • Blended calling
  • Custom IVR
  • Call reports and recording
  • Sticky agent
  • Real-time call monitoring
  • Real-time call statistics
  • Admin dashboard
  • Agent dashboard with live caller info
  • Telephony APIs

Keep track on all channels

Interaction with customers is not limited to only one channel. Besides, not all customers use a single channel for communication. In many cases, the delay in response occurs due to confusion in the support team who is responsible for handling what channel. The first step to resolve this is to make sure that someone systematically maintains every channel. If your customer support team is large, assign a team for every channel. Clearly define the roles to every staff along with the backup person who knows when to take over. It is distracting for the teams to shuttle between separate emails and social accounts.

Don’t wait until you’re approached

Saves replies are effective tools to free up a busy queue quickly. Don’t wait for the customer to raise the ticket. A pre-notified email or inviting customers to set an alert month ahead can save a ton of hassles and time of both you and your customers. Automatic emails, personalized and preemptive notifications can save your thousands of queries that might shell in future.

Conclusion – Great customer service demands two things – speed and quality. Lagging behind in responding to customers can have a serious impact on your business. Wisely use the available tools and time to meet the exceeding customer expectation.