4 Emerging Technologies within the Contact Centre Industry

4 Emerging Technologies within the Contact Centre Industry

Process Control

The objective of statistical process control is to measure process stability and make a process steady over time, and then keep it stable unless planned changes are made. In the contact centers, there are various processes to which statistical process control may be applied.

Statistical process control charts enables you to measure and understand the variability in your process, whether that is your call handling process, forecasting process, quality process or training process.

Social Media

Today, more and more businesses are looking to social media not just to meet the needs of the market with content, but as an interaction channel providing support to existing customers, and helping prospects advance to customer stage. According to a recent study by TNS, 57% of consumers consider using the internet to solve their problems rather than interacting with the customer service. Therefore, contact centers can use social media to engage their customers. And, the positive interactions can attract potential customers and companies can track feedback from the use of hash tags to respond and resolve issues raised by the customers.

According to Social Media Today, a one percent increase in first call response results in an annual savings of about $276,000 for a call center. And, there are studies to show that social media increases first call responses by more than one percent, thus saving your significant business operational costs.

Voice Interaction, Voice User Interface

The utility of smart speaker tech in the home, virtual assistants on our smartphones, and more are bringing “conversation” to human interaction with systems. Thus, combining voice recognition and interaction with rapidly advancing AI techniques, we can expect remarkable levels of sophistication and humanization of voicebots. It can be anticipated that the voicebots will become comfortable alternatives to human agents, creating a middle ground between self-help and an agent.

Uses of voice bots for support calls:-

• Offer self-help for calls waiting in the queue at your customer support center.
• Answer FAQ’s for users calling into your support center.
• Act as an auto-receptionist, directing the caller to the right agent.
• Help cancelling or rescheduling bookings for customers calling into your call center.

Uses of voice bots for sales calls:-
• Fix appointments with prospects or leads.
• Qualify leads after your dialer connects and before the agent goes live during sales calls.
• Ascertain a prospect’s readiness/interest to talk during cold calling.

AI-Infused Voice Analytics

In the current scenario, there is maturing of discrete technologies such as voice analytics and artificial intelligence and the combination of these two to provide benefits. Artificial intelligence is an extra layer of speech analytics software. AI makes use of voice analytics to extract data and generate a database for contact center managers to search and analyze, to automatically review the collected information and offer solutions.

Businesses make use of AI-Infused Voice Analytics to set themselves apart from their competition in several ways:-

Deliver personalized customer experiences

Voice analytics listens to every conversation and captures information about the customer. AI can turn this information into a personalized experience for customers by remembering previous requests and making suggestions proactively.

Improve cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is a need for any business that collects data and payment information from customers. Voice analytics with AI features can identify potential fraudsters based on earlier voice recordings or keywords mentioned on the call.

Personalize training for agents

Automated call scoring is one of the most beneficial tools of speech analytics because it gives real-time feedback to contact center agents after every call. Then, managers review this data and look for areas that agents need to improve upon. AI can automate this process and send training modules to agents instantly based on their scores.

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