EM3 Agri

The Pain Points

Multi-location agents who cannot always access the internet. Also, since agents are from smaller cities and from a specific field of study, they had limited knowledge of technology.

What They Decided To Do

Go ahead with SparkTG virtual contact center solution to track each and every call for farm equipment renting and agent performance. Also, they decided to go with cloud-based service provider to provide a multi-location yet common service and also avoid unnecessary technology understanding and implementation. Their evaluation criteria included service provider providing custom Telephony solution with excellent service, maximum uptime, strong support, and a scalable solution.

How We Helped

We provided them SparkTG VCC with which Agents are able to attend calls from the customers even if they are not able to access the internet. Also, the Solution provided them a complete picture of agent performances despite agents being located in multiple locations. The solution also provided the best interaction method between the customer (farmers) and organisation.

The Way It Is Now

Complete transparency with real-time call reports and recordings. The benefit of having agents anywhere and still continue to use service and make calls to clients.

The Problem We Solved

Without having the internet access, agents are able to communicate with the farmers in their language and sometimes meet them and explain them the exact solution.

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