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Spark TG-Cloud Telephony

Seamless communication infrastructure within your business can enhance the productivity, and brand recognition dramatically. Though, an integrated telephony solution can quickly pile up your communication bills. Be it Customer to Business, Business to Customer, or Employee to Employee, your lines of communication must be online at all times. And so, Spark TG’s Cloud Telephony Solution gives you the ability to boost your internal & external communication without any heavy expenditure! From Bulk SMS & IVR to Event-based Calling and Call Recording, our Cloud Telephony Solution is a One-Stop Shop for your organization. Spark TG takes pride in being the Go-to name for Cloud IVR Service Providers in the country.

Our Cloud Telephony Solutions Gives You…

Cloud Telephony

End-to-End Call Management

Be it a huge number of inbound customer calls or regular outbound calls from your employees, our Cloud Telephony Solution can be instantly deployed and be ready-to-use. Reach your audience or let them connect with you without any downtime or technical obstruction.

Cloud Telephony

Monitor & Analyze in Real-time!

Monitor any inbound/outbound call for quality and training purpose in Real-time. Use the ‘Spy’ or ‘Mentor’ mode as suitable. Spark TG’s Cloud Calling service gives your Real-time Call Statistics, Comprehensive Call Data Reports, and Call recording log through a single intuitive dashboard.

Functionality that Suits your Business

IVR Call Routing
Answer and Route calls through the automated Cloud IVR. Your customers can interact with the automated voice which will guide them, and based on their inputs connect them with the intended person/department.

Integrated CRM & Ticketing
function lets you manage customer relationships through a single dashboard. Customers can raise tickets for issues faced by them, and your CRM team can resolve them as per priority.

Multiple Call Routing
feature will allow the inbound/outbound calls to be relayed via multiple channels for communication efficiency, inter-departmental coordination, and call monitoring.

is perhaps the best feature of Spark TG’s Cloud Telephony Solution! You only pay for what you use. When you grow or need to scale, our solution scales with you without any technical complexities.

Cost Effectiveness
is the major reason as to why many of our clients choose this Cloud Telephony Solution in India. You handle huge volumes of calls, with real-time monitoring, bulletproof security, productivity features, and automation without expensive hardware & infrastructure. 24X7 Uptime comes to your organization’s communication needs as a bonus!

Your Business Needs the Power of Cloud Telephony!

When it comes to delivering an exceptional communication experience to your customers and a streamlined coordination channel for the employees, Cloud Telephony is the only answer. Cloud telephony not only enhances the quality of communication within the enterprise, but also reduces the costs & overheads dramatically.

Spark TG is a Cloud Telephony Company that benefits you by maximizing your call center efficiency, and ultimately optimizing your business operations. Our Cloud Call Center solution offers multiple powerful systems and features including;

Toll Free Number
Enables you to provide your customers with a hotline number without any call charges. A Toll Free Number is crucial for Customer Experience, Brand image, and handling large number of customer calls.

Virtual Number
A Virtual Number enables people to reach your business on the go! Without being connected to a direct telephonic line, a virtual number can relay the inbound calls to any preset landline, cellphone or VoIP contact.

A crucial communication feature of successful businesses, Click2Call enables the visitors on your Desktop site or mobile app to directly call you with just a click! Never lose an interested prospect again!

Contact Center Solution
Spark TG is your full-fledged Call Center Solution without any expensive hardware and overhead maintenance.

Outbound Calls
Monitor, Analyze and manage the outbound calls from your organization. An essential training/improvement feature for Sales Teams and CRM departments.

Or Interactive Voice Response engages the inbound customer calls automatically. The preset and intelligent IVR system connects the customer with the right person at the right time. Save manpower and be online 24x7 with Spark TG’s Cloud IVR.

Missed Call Service
A popular tool for surveys, instant customer service and campaigns, Cloud-based Missed Call service will work wonders for your Customer Relationship and Campaign Management.

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