What Is a Cloud Call Center

What Is a Cloud Call Center

Cloud-Based vs. On-Premise Call Centers

Let’s understand all factors in comparison.

Installation And Setup
The installation or implementation of an on-premise call center is a lot time-consuming. The whole process of purchasing hardware, licensing, setting up infrastructure, and finding compatible software consumes several months to complete the process. But when it comes to installing the cloud-based call center, it is easy. It only needs to install an app on the computer that delivers out-of-the-box services.

Operational And Ownership Cost
Maintaining an on-premise call center requires too much operational and ownership costs. It asks the owner for investment from purchasing hardware to licensing, setting infrastructure, and space cost. But, in the cloud-based call center, there is very little investment. It does not require investment for setup, hardware, etc. The only thing the companies need is an internet connection.

Call Center Management
The management is not easy in the on-premise call center as it requires the management of systems, licenses, etc. Also, there is a need for regular updates; and in a cloud-based call center, very minimal management cost is required. It does not require the management of hardware.

Flexibility in Business Operations
In the on-premise call center process, the agents cannot work remotely, but when it comes to cloud-based call centers, agents can work remotely anytime and anywhere without putting in much effort.

Scalability As The Business Grows
As the business grows, the on-premise call center requires more scalability. With this, there is a requirement for installing more hardware. Therefore, it asks for more investment. But the cloud-based call center provides easy scalability as it does not require any extra installation or cost.

Benefits of Cloud-Based Call Centers

1. Increased productivity and customer experiences.
2. User-friendly systems with advanced data security.
3. Easy performance monitoring of agents and their service quality levels.
4. Holistic and one-click integrations with multiple leading business tools.
5. 360-degree customer support anytime and anywhere.
6. Supple and scalable business operations and seamless business model.
7. Hassle-free and speedy business deployment procedures.

Cloud call center technology is the easiest way to manage call center operations and increase productivity while improving customer experience.

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