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How does Click to Call impact Customer Service?

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Spark TG-Click2Call

Businesses are fighting a cut-throat competition to boost their revenue. It is no longer tough to design and launch a service or a product. The real challenge lies in acquiring and retaining customers, and ultimately driving sales. Enable Click2Call Function on your website, and you can dramatically enhance better engagements and conversion rates.

Spark TG’s Virtual Call Center Application offers a prompt and powerful Click2Call functionality for your website or mobile app so that you can assist your customers/clients throughout their journey. Our Click2Call Service not only boosts customer experience, but also aids agents to deliver quick solutions to the customer queries.

What is Click2Call Function and How Does it Work?

A Click2Call feature, also known as ‘Web calling’ is an online functionality that allows any website visitor or user to call from within the site without entering any details or bothering to dial a number through their phone. Simply a click will connect them to your team or agents and handle the query.

Spark TG’s Click2Call Service is powered by a virtual call center layer that runs over the cloud servers. That means users can connect with you anytime with just a click. Why lose their valuable focus by asking them for details or compelling them to dial a number when you can grab their attention immediately?

Why Click2Call feature is on the rise?

Desktop sites are rarely visited by customers anymore. With around 2.5 Billion Smartphone devices across the globe and continuous access to fast internet, users explore all the crucial information via their devices. With so many ‘distractions’ within the devices themselves, every second of their attention on your website must be respected! A Click2Call service comes in handy to accomplish this. It empowers you and your users to initiate a call in the real-time so that you can guide and assist them at any point with precision. This eventually becomes a significant factor in sales conversion. The quicker and smoother the engagement, the higher the probability of sales!

Your Business Needs a Click2Call Service To…

Maximize Sales Conversion Rate

When customers have a quick way to get their queries resolved, a positive purchase decision is just a click away! This is because;

Quick Contact ability takes away the hassle for the customer and keeps them engaged to the website without getting distracted.

Trust is another crucial factor for your customers to trade online. When they have human assistance within their reach with just a click, they trust your brand!

All-time Availability lets your prospects connect with you at will. Never miss a sales opportunity just because nobody was present to attend the call. With Click2Call feature, you’ll be able to capture their essential details and schedule a call in the office hours.

Acquire & Retain Valuable Customers

Acquiring inbound customers and retaining them is tedious. It does not have to be with our Click2Call Solutions! Spark TG’s Cloud-based Click2Call will;

Allow the customers to connect with you at their convenience and availability. As opposed to outbound calls, you will not be forced to be ‘intrusive.’ In fact, you will come-off as trustworthy and always available for a prompt service!

Allow your team of agents to handle the query precisely with the information gathered from the customer’s behavior online.

Allow your organization to deliver an exceptional customer service to your website visitors, which will ultimately decide the long-term loyalty of your customers.

Boost Communication Efficiency & Engagement Results

Why not pitch the customers while their purchase intention is still at the highest? Every call that comes via Click2Call Extension is a ripe sales opportunity!

Maximizing the ROI of your Web Channels and Digital presence is crucial. It makes sense to instantly handle the queries of online visitors and make the most out of your website.

A Click2Call service will enable you to proactively decide on the volume of inbound calls and how to handle them beforehand. Detailed analyses & metrics will help you identify the patterns of high-demand occurrence!

Spark TG Click2Call Service Gives You

Easy Integration & Deployment - No complex system changes or migrations required. We get you on the communication road as fast as possible.

Reports and Recordings of the inbound or outbound calls for analysis, monitoring and process optimization.

Unparalleled Support in times of confusion, technical errors, or anything that bugs you!

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