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Call Masking

Call masking helps in protecting privacy by masking the actual number with a different number. With this solution, two parties can connect on the call without disclosing their identities. It not only helps in safeguarding the privacy, but also provides personalised experience, if local/personal numbers are chosen as a mask.

In many instances, call masking has been proven very helpful and effective. Some of them are:

1- When you want to provide a personalised experience to your customers, you can show a personal number. Now you will wonder, why not to call directly from a personal number? Simple answer is, it is easier to track, record, and manage calls through cloud telephony systems. So, it is better to mask your typical company number with a personal number for a personalised experience.

2- In case of delivery services, call masking helps in protecting the customers’ numbers from the delivery persons and vice-versa. The delivery person just makes the call through their app, which shows a common company number (not the actual number of the customer).

3- You can influence your local presence by buying a number locally and masking it with your helpline number.

With Call Masking Solution connect customers to drivers, delivery personnel or vendors, without revealing their phone numbers. Similarly, there are many ways through which SparkTG’s call masking feature has been helping various companies in serving their target audience better. The solution helps to prevent the misuse of critical information, by anonymizing the number of each party. Some benefits of choosing call masking services by SparkTG are:

  • 1. Customer Privacy.

  • 2. Multiple Numbers.

  • 3. Two-way calling.

  • 4. No Spamming.

  • 5. Real-Time Call Statistics.

  • 6. Call Reports & Recordings.

  • 7. Real-Time Call Monitoring.

  • 8. Call Support.

  • 9. API & Webhook.

Different Types of Call Masking Solutions by SparkTG

Mask by PIN

A. Customer calls on a single number available for everyone to call.
B. Asked to enter the PIN to get connected to respective Service Provider.
C. Enters the PIN for the respective service provider.
D. PIN checked either from updated database or via API.
E. Call made to service from SparkTG.
F. Both parties connected over call.

Sample Case for implementation of Mask by PIN
(1) Delivery fleet carrying multiple couriers/food orders for different people, identification for each party is by PIN

Mask by Caller ID

A. As per the service, the person gets assigned to a service provider.
B. Option 1:
1. To reach out to that service provider the person clicks on call in the Application, the applications checks from the API for the corresponding service provider.
2. Makes calls to both the parties and bridges the call.

Sample Case for implementation of Mask by CallerID
One to one mapping, like cab driver and the cab rider. When the driver calls by drivers caller ID it is clear who is the rider and when the rider calls it is clear from the caller ID who is the driver.

C. Option 2:
1. To reach out to the service provider the person calls on a displayed number.
2. As the person make the call, an API checks the customer and and assigned service provider and makes a call to that service provider and connects both parties.

Mask by DID

A. For every business a different DID is assigned for the customer to reach.
B. Customer makes a call on the mentioned DID.
C. As per database that DID assigned to a service provider and calls is then made to service provider.
D. Both the parties are connected.

Sample Case for implementation of Mask by DID
Multiple offices or franchisees or partners or restaurants recognised by different DIDs (Phone numbers). When the caller calls on either the call pertaining to the respective partner is routed to them

If you have any questions, please feel free to connect with us at the below mentioned contact details. We would be happy to assist you in implementing call masking for your business. This will be a free consultation, which won’t cost you anything.

How Call Masking Is Beneficial

When you choose SparkTG’s call masking service, a dedicated intermediate number is shown while calling to anyone’s real number. The call receiver can only see the proxy number when receiving the call, while the original number could be anything. Main benefit of call masking is that an enormous amount of short calls are possible without revealing any non-essential information. For example, a food delivery partner may have to make several calls to find the right address of the customer, call masking can protect their original number by connecting the call with a proxy number.

Call tracking also becomes convenient. It might sound a bit messy to track the calls from each and every number used by all of your agents. But when you use one number, it is easier to record and analyze the performance of each agent. Additionally, you can easily assess the customer insights as well. Overall, this improves the customer experience and you can make these improvements a process as well with regular tracking and analysis.

When you choose call masking service, you also ensure that no personal communication is taking place. This completely eliminates any possibilities of personal transactions, making your business fully secure. Masked numbers also facilitate secure connection and strengthen trust. Also, the connectivity becomes faster, which makes your customers/callers happy getting a quick service.

What is call masking?

Call masking is used by businesses to ensure smooth conversation between customers and businesses without revealing their phone numbers to either of them. This solution masks both the parties’ private numbers and connects them through a temporary proxy number.

Types of Call Masking Solutions

We provide three types of Call Masking solution

Mask by Caller ID
Customer will only see the caller reach you ID that you have set.

Mask by Direct Inward Calling
Customers can directly call you without following any menu or phone tree.

Mask by Pin
Customer can by dialing the pin.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is number masking?
Number masking, or call masking, means masking your number so that neither your employees nor the customers can get the real phone number of each other. This ensures data privacy and eliminates the risk of fraud or cyber-attack.

2. How does call masking work?
In call masking, the actual phone numbers of both customer and driver/vendor/delivery agent are masked. When the customer dials the number, our solution will allot a temporary proxy number and route the call to the driver/vendor/delivery agent with whom the customer wanted to connect.

3. How do I choose which masking solution I want?
Out of the three masking solutions (Caller ID, DID, and Pin), you can decide which one is best for you depending on your requirements. You can contact us if you need any suggestions or have any queries in choosing the best masking solution for you.

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