Call Masking

How does Click to Call impact Customer Service?

Call Masking

Call Masking helps you to connect calls between two parties without disclosing either of the party’s identity.
Call Masking helps to safeguard your client’s privacy by connecting them with your agents without exposing their real phone numbers.
With Call Masking Solution connect customers to drivers, delivery personnel or vendors, without revealing their phone numbers.
The solution helps to prevents the misuse of critical information, by anonymizing the number of each of the party.

  • 1. Customer Privacy.

  • 2. Multiple Numbers.

  • 3. Two-way calling.

  • 4. No Spamming.

  • 5. Real-Time Call Statistics.

  • 6. Call Reports & Recordings.

  • 7. Real-Time Call Monitoring.

  • 8. Call Support.

  • 9. API & Webhook.

Different Types of Call Masking Solutions by SparkTG

Mask by PIN

A. Customer calls on a single number available for everyone to call.
B. Asked to enter the PIN to get connected to respective Service Provider.
C. Enters the PIN for the respective service provider.
D. PIN checked either from updated database or via API.
E. Call made to service from SparkTG.
F. Both parties connected over call.

Mask by Caller ID

A. As per the service, the person gets assigned to a service provider.
B. Option 1:
1. To reach out to that service provider the person clicks on call in the Application, the applications checks from the API for the corresponding service provider.
2. Makes calls to both the parties and bridges the call.
C. Option 2:
1. To reach out to the service provider the person calls on a displayed number.
2. As the person make the call, an API checks the customer and and assigned service provider and makes a call to that service provider and connects both parties.

Mask by DID

A. For every business a different DID is assigned for the customer to reach.
B. Customer makes a call on the mentioned DID.
C. As per database that DID assigned to a service provider and calls is then made to service provider.
D. Both the parties are connected over all

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