Call Masking - Everything You Should Know

Call Masking - Everything You Should Know

What is Call Masking?

Call masking is a solution in which the company masks/hides the mobile numbers of both parties on the call. With this, both of them can easily connect with each other, without any fear of data breach or cyber-attack, through an automatically generated proxy number by the software.

Why is Call Masking Important?

As discussed earlier, call masking is important as it protects the privacy and identity of both the parties on call which ensures customer satisfaction rate is high and in turn, increases the customer’s loyalty towards the company. In addition, if you have multiple business locations, it eliminates the need of opening multiple contact centers or buying various local numbers for business requirements. Thus, it saves an ample amount of communication costs.

Moreover, call masking ensures smooth centralized business communication and also helps in analyzing the calls so that the performance of the salesperson/delivery guy can be monitored and thereby, improved.

How Does Call Masking Work?

Call masking follows the following procedure:

1. When either party, whether customer or service provider, places the call, the call reaches the telephony platform.
2. The telephony platform automatically generates a proxy number and masks the original contact numbers of both the connecting parties.
3. The telephony platform then routes the call to the receiver.
4. Once the receiver accepts the call from this masked number, both parties are connected and can interact with each other.
5. Once the call ends, this proxy number goes back to the pool of numbers assigned to the company where it is automatically re-allocated to the other parties on the platform.

What is the Difference Between Call Masking and Virtual Number?

In call masking, the numbers purchased by the company can either be a permanent or temporary number whereas, in virtual numbers, it is always permanent.

In the case of a permanent number, the number stays with the company for a longer period of time while in a temporary number, the proxy number connects both parties, and once the call ends, the masked number can be re-used multiple times to connect other parties on the platform.

The main objective of call masking is to protect the privacy of both the connecting parties and to track the number of leads generated. A virtual number is used to establish a local presence or to eliminate the costs that may occur from long-distance calls.

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Use Cases for Call Masking

Call masking is used by various industries. We have listed the top 4 industries that use this solution below.

Healthcare service providers, such as hospitals, clinics, or medical websites like Practo, are using the call masking service to protect the identity and privacy of their doctors as many doctors doesn’t feel like sharing their personal number to avoid patients bombarding them with calls and messages, especially during odd hours.

In the e-commerce industry, delivery boys have to connect with the customers to cross-check the address or if they are confused in finding their way to the customer's location. Many times, customers also want to connect with the delivery boy to check when they will receive their package, etc. That’s why the e-commerce industry uses call masking solution to mask the numbers of both parties so that both of them feel secure while connecting with each other.

Transportation/ride share apps
Drivers sometimes need to call the riders to get the exact details of the rider’s location. At the same time, riders/customers also feel the need to connect with the driver in situations like checking when they will arrive at the location or when he/she left any of their items in the car, etc. There can be various possibilities when drivers and riders feel like contacting each other. Therefore, ride-sharing apps, like Uber and Ola, are using call masking solution to maintain the privacy of their drivers and customers so that they can connect with each other without any hassle.

Training institute, where you can book personal tutor or trainer for yourself, also use call masking solution to protect the privacy of both the parties. Students can call the institutions to book a tutor or trainer for themselves while trainer/tutor also requires to connect with the students to remind them of the class or anything around that.

Bottom Line

Now that you’ve understood what call masking is and how it benefits the business, if you need any suggestions on how this solution can benefit your organization or need any further information on our call masking solution, we will be happy to assist you. CONTACT US NOW!

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