An Overview on Automatic Call Distribution

An Overview on Automatic Call Distribution

An Overview on Automatic Call Distribution

An Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) is a type of telephony software system that answers incoming calls and routes them to a specific agent or department within a company. It is the backbone of a call center and streamlines the communication process.

ACD systems are generally found in any office that handles a large volume of inbound calls. The primary purpose of an Automatic Call Distributor is to divert incoming calls to Contact Center Agents or employees with specific skills.

The most common types of call distribution are:-

Programmed distribution - The call center determines the order in which the calls are to be distributed to the agents.

Round-robin distribution - Calls are distributed evenly with all agents in the team in an orderly manner.

Idle-agent distribution - It determines the agent who has been serving lesser call handling time and ensures optimum use of all agent’s working hours.

Weighted call distribution - Each agent in the team will be assigned a specific weight, and the calls will be routed to agents based on the individual weight. It facilitates assigning right calls to the right agents.

Let’s discuss some it's benefits:-

Facilitates Sound and Smooth Call Routing

ACD helps enhance the efficiency and productivity of the agents. Calls are transferred to the most appropriate agent, based on pre-defined algorithms, hence reducing call transferring time. It captures the caller’s information and routes the call based on IVR system configurations and agent’s availability.

Allows Immediate Response

ACD enables faster response to incoming calls by routing it to the best available agent. It increases call response and call handling time, leading to increased customer satisfaction. During the phase of high call volume, callers can opt for call back option rather than waiting in the queue. High-Value callers are directly routed to the assigned contact center agents, without any delay.

Streamlines Operating Environment

Integration with CRM and other communication platforms allow the Contact Centre agents to have a meaningful conversation with the customer by understanding their needs thoroughly. The entire team can view all the previous communications and history of the customer on a single interface which is easy to update. This permits call conferencing and transferring to different departments; thus, simplifying work operations.

Increases Productivity of Agents

With the help of an ACD, call center agents will be able to handle calls for which they are trained. This will increase their confidence in dealing with a call and thereby, improve their productivity. Also, they have access to the caller’s information before answering the call. This helps to have a significant discussion that leads to customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Reduces Call Center Costs

Quick response to a call by transferring it to the most appropriate agent will improve the chances of first call resolution. At the same time, a customer can get his/her query resolved without transferring him to other agents or departments. This will reduce the time taken to respond to a call and hence minimize cost-per-call of the call center.

Helps to Optimize Resources

As a result of the efficient routing of incoming calls, agents can use their expertise in resolving the problems of a caller. ACD obtains usage data such as total number of calls; time spent on each call, etc. which can be used for reporting purposes. Similar to Call Recording Software, this will enable managers to assess KPIs and optimize resources more effectively.


ACD typically works by distributing calls using a specific method configured by the call center. The strategy is determined based on several factors like time of the day, call traffic, the origin of the phone number, the skills required to solve the query, etc.

If you are a startup who is setting up the first call center or an enterprise with call centers across all the continents, an ACD phone system can turnaround your call center’s efficiency in connecting callers to the right agents. The ultimate result will be improved brand image of your organization, reduced call wait times and higher resolution rates.