4 New Year Resolution Every Contact Center Should Make in 2019

Why Should Your Business Have a Cloud Contact Center?

4 New Year Resolution Every Contact Center Should Make in 2019

“Customers don’t expect you to be perfect. They do expect you to fix things when they go wrong.” – Donald Porter

77% of people state that valuing their time is the essential thing a business can do to provide customers with solid service. A recent survey from Call Center Helping discovered that according to 380 call center managers, 95.7% viewed Customer Satisfaction Levels as their most important metric. - Source

Cloud-based call centers have made businesses more efficient in improving customer satisfaction. The customer experience era is now; and so, enterprise contact centers are struggling hard to meet the demands of businesses. We have made a list of #New Year resolution every contact center should make this year.

Track call volume trends

Understanding call volume trends is an efficient way to keep overall customer satisfaction at par and minimize call waiting times. All you need to do is keep track of number of calls and notice a few things:

  • Busiest time of the day
  • Busiest days of the week
  • Busiest months of the year
This information will enable you to scale up your contact center needs. The numbers will help you assess the total number of customer support calls going up or down over time. Compare your call volume to the number of customers. If your contact center is receiving a spike of calls recently, it may indicate a deeper problem. In such a case, examine the content of the calls to determine a new patch or product feature you have implemented.

More stress on mobile channel

If we compare mobile vs. desktop usage in 2018, mobile takes the lead. The percentage of visits from mobile devices has grown from 57% to 63% (between 2016 and 2017). – Stone Temple

It is clear from the data mentioned above that consumers are more dependent on their mobile phones for every type of interactions. Obviously, businesses need to support this important medium and ensure that customers can reach them through mediums they prefer. Businesses have to make sure that they have optimized their mobile apps, mobile-friendly website and align their contact centers to use this medium to address customers’ queries and issues. It can be done by pairing this with an easily accessible way for customers to contact a live advisor, who can make the interaction seamless and smooth.

Using customer feedback to improve overall experiences

This year, it is expected to observe an increased emphasis on businesses leveraging Voice of the Customer (VoC) data to shape customers’ experiences rather than resolving issues. By getting an insight into the needs and expectation of customers, smart VoC can be utilized to re-engineer customers’ experience. Feedback can be collected in multiple ways, like advisor feedback, customer research, and transactional surveys through specialized tools.

Artificial Intelligence won’t create much hype

AI is one of the most used buzzwords of the year, but in reality, it will not create many ripples in contact center services. The entire hysteria, surrounding the whole AI and robot story has engulfed many organizations. There is no doubt about the range of benefits from doing so. Still, it is not going to dominate the industry. Older technology, like customer IVR, real-time call monitoring, blended calling, real-time call statistics will still dominate the contact center and will continue to improve customers’ experience. On the other hand, AI will penetrate other areas of the contact center, like speech analytics, knowledge management, payments, quality assurance.

In a nutshell, contact centers will use everything required to assist businesses in improving their customer satisfaction.